Zubrowka Vodka 1L


In the Bialowieza (Poland) forest grows the 'bison grass’ for over 500 years and is harvested manually, known for its fragrance and aromatic nature and used by Zubrówka to produce its famous Vodka. With a rich and distinctive flavor given by 6 distillation cycles to which it’s subjected, Vodka Zubrówka is the most sold natural flavored distillate in its home country, a product recognized as a Polish national treasure and famous all over the world! Small curiosity: each bottle is decorated by hand with a blade of grass that becomes a symbol and a memory of the forest of Bialowieza. Home of the National Park that Zubrówka directly support. Pale yellow in color, the nose has a clear green vegetable notes combined with citrus, vanilla and lavender hints, with green tea and tobacco hint. The taste is harmonious and delicate, despite to the smell references, with the right persistence.

Alcohol: 40%

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