Veuve Clicquot Traveller’s Exclusive Yellow Label Brut 750ml


Since its foundation in 1772, Veuve Clicquot champagne has travelled across the oceans, faithful to Madame Clicquot's goal of "crossing borders" and bringing the finesse of her champagne all around the world. This travel edition collection is a subtle wink to her visionary spirit. Discover the insert that turns into a postcard.

Tasting Notes: Veuve Clicquot Sydney TREX manages to reconcile two opposing factors - strength and silkiness - and to hold them in perfect balance with aromatic intensity and a lot of freshness. The predominance of Pinot Noir provides the structure that is so typically Veuve Clicquot, while a touch of Meunier rounds out the blend. Chardonnay adds the elegance and finesse essential in a perfectly balanced wine. This consistent power to please makes Veuve Clicquot Sydney TREX ideal as an apéritif, and perfect as the champagne to enjoy with a meal.

Blend : 50-55% Pinot Noir / 28-33% Chardonnay / 15-20% Meunier (40 to 45% Reserve Wines)

ABV : 12%

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