The Shinobu

The Shinobu 15YO Pure Malt Dragon 700ml

Selected with only the finest malt whiskies uniquely chosen to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.
Aged more than 15 years in Sherry and Bourbon casks.
Finished in Mizunara oak barrels, adding an unparalleled oriental elegance to this special edition spirit.
All-natural ingredients and without coloring and other additives. A true expression of fine craftsmanship.
A 2020 World Whisky Awards Category Winner. The Shinobu Dragon Year edition is a testament to its distinguished taste and quality.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Fresh oak, vanilla, and floral notes, with a subtle touch of sandalwood.
Palate: A refined mix of ripe fruits and lemon zest, with hints of leather and a blend of cinnamon and ginger.
Finish: Long, rich finish with oak and fruity undertones, lightly accented by sandalwood.

Alcohol: 43%
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