Remarkable Cream

Remarkable Cream Dark Chocolate Liqueur 700ml

Made with less sugar, more cream, and real-origin cocoa, Remarkable Cream's Dark Chocolate is eminently drinkable delivering mass appeal and appreciation by chocolate connoisseurs.
Showcasing the best of New Zealand?s fresh cream and high-quality milk vodka, mixed with the rich and slightly bitter yet smooth flavour only real dark chocolate can provide, this is an indulgent, silky chocolate liqueur.
Whether you serve it neat over ice, mixed into your favourite cocktail or coffee, or drizzled over a sumptuous ice cream dessert, you'll be in for a luxurious treat that'll soon become a staple in your alcohol stash. And if you give it as a present, you'll soon become known as the best gift-giver around.

Alcohol: 14%
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