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Natures Beauty Ovine Placenta BiSerum 3 Packs

A much-loved Ovine Placenta BiSerum that boasts a natural and protein rich formula, this natural anti-ageing treatment combines the bioactive nutrients of plant and sheep placenta proteins to deeply penetrate the skin’s layers and nourish the skin. Known to naturally stimulate the skin cells, this combination encourages healthy cell growth and skin regeneration, all while providing long lasting hydration and enhancing collagen production to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles.

This set contains: 3 x Natures Beauty Ovine Placenta BiSerum

How to use: Use fingertips to dab small amounts of BiSerum to cleansed face, then massage into the skin.
Leave to dry completely before applying moisturiser, gently tap the skin while drying to help serum absorb deeper.
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