Glenfiddich Perpetual Collection - VAT 02 Rick & Dark Whisky 1L

A sherried Glenfiddich originally released for the distillery's travel exclusive Perpetual collection, this single malt was aged in Spanish Sherry casks. Intriguingly, only half the whisky in the vat is bottled before it's refilled with fresh spirits, in the style of classic Spanish sherry soleras, meaning there is always a well-balanced mix of well-aged and young whisky.

Tasting Notes:
Nose Polished leather, freshly-baked fruitcake, bittersweet marmalade, and toasted oak.
Palate Silky, sweet, and spicy, with peppery fresh oak, cigar box, and well-toasted bread.
Finish Candied peels, treacle, and a good whack of cinnamon.
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