Talisker Dark Storm 1L

Talisker Dark Storm 1L
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Talisker Dark Storm 1L
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No whisky reveals the character of its birthplace better than Talisker. To know Talisker is to feel the power of the sea, and sense its rugged location on the banks of Loch Harport, on the foreboding Isle of Skye. Talisker Storm is an exuberant new expression of Talisker: more intense and smoky, with enhanced and vibrant maritime notes, smoothly balanced by Talisker's signature hot sweetness.

One way to enjoy Talisker STORM is to pair it with wild smoked salmon. Wild salmon's smooth, velvety texture and complex smoky and salty flavors contrast perfectly with the maritime, briny character of Talisker Storm, without overwhelming the palate.