Hazelwood 21YO Scotch Whisky 500ml

Hazelwood 21YO Scotch Whisky 500ml
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Hazelwood 21YO Scotch Whisky 500ml
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An exciting and elegant range of the finest blended Scotch Whisky, appeals to both male and female premium blended Scotch drinkers and luxury gift shoppers. The House of Hazelwood range is inspired by Janet Sheed Roberts, a prominent figure in the William Grant family, and the spirit of the vibrant art deco period that influenced the world in her heyday. The blends are inspired by three cities at the forefront of the Art Deco movement and pack designs feature a distinctive visual leitmotif associated with each city. This authentic design is inspired by a 1920s Art Deco architectural leitmotif in Mumbai, the forgotten capital of art deco, created during a period of exuberant optimism and opulence in that richly layered world-ciy

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