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The Singleton of Glendullan Master's Art Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1.0 Litre 40%

Crafted by our Master of Malts, Maureen Robinson, this distinctive Single Malt is a tribute to the art of whisky-making, delivering a wonderfully layered sensory experience. Extra-matured in sweet Muscat cask wood, it is deep and complex with rich notes of fruit, spice and caramelised sweetness. Created in small batches and in strictly limited quantities, Master’s Art is a rare, handcrafted whisky which delights the senses whilst retaining the easy accessibility of other Singleton whiskies. Tasting notes:Deeply fruity, layered and complex. Nose: Gentle at first and not over forward. Deep, with a clear top note of spicy wood then beneath this a fine mix of creamy-sweet aromas; treacle, red berries (raspberry, cranberry), rich fudge, biscuits, herbs, butter. There’s a Christmassy base of mixed spices and currants with a hint of cinnamon and sweet dried fruit (orange peel). Taste: in brief… A richer, fruitier extra-matured Singleton of Glendullan with a delightful spicy edge, that is richly layered and complex. in a sentence… A delightful and more assertive Singleton single malt with plenty of dried mince-pie fruit, hints of spice and an assured, rich sweetness. Palate: Ripe and richly fruity with balancing spiciness when enjoyed straight. Smooth textured, soft and coating, yet clean too: rich, fruity and racy on the tongue. Starts with a sweet mix of light treacle or golden syrup, fudge and oat biscuits; initially creamy with smooth buttery notes, then fruity (hints of apple and pear, burnt oranges) with sweet dried fruits, and drying. Water brings up more sweet fruit, freshening the fruitiness.
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