Grants elementary carbon 200ml

Grant's Elementary Carbon 6 year old is the entry level whisky in the new travel retail exclusive Grant's Elementary Scotch blended whisky range. Carbon is one of three new whiskies which form the Grant's Elementary range which William Grant & Sons has created to highlight the scientific elements involved in the traditional whisky making process and to demonstrate the influence each scientific element has on the final flavour of the whisky. Each blend explores the impact of its stated element on our whisky, and its age statement relates to its position in the Periodic Table of Elements. Carbon or char, is the sixth element, it is found in the peat and in charred casks in which the whisky matures. To emphasize the carbon influence on whisky this was matured exclusively in heavily charred oak casks for at least six years. For this blend, Master Blender, Brian Kinsman and his team selected single malts, as well as peated and grain whiskies.
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