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The Singleton of Glendullan Double Matured Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1.0 Litre 40%

Matured separately in American and European oak and married and laid to rest in a third cask, the process delivers a perfect balance of complexity and richness. It has fresh fruitiness, including hints of green apple, at its heart which gives way to layers of wood, almonds and dark chocolate which complement each other and offer a deeper flavour. Tasting notes:Splendidly rich, refined and rounded. Nose: Soft and full, yet not overpowering or cloying. Deep, with a faint, scented top note of dried rose petals then a dense fusion of creamy-sweet aromas; honey fudge, caramels, vanilla, milk chocolate. They sit on a malted-biscuit base that has a light balsamic note and a hint of cinnamon spiciness. All this is appealingly topped by sharper accents of raspberry puree or stewed plums and zesty orange oil, in abundance. Taste: in brief… A highly refined and polished Singleton with all its elements aligned, which is gloriously warming, comforting and indulgent. in a sentence… A real Christmas pudding of a whisky with solid, rich, malty undertones; pithy dried fruits; hints of spice and cleansing acidity, and cooling vanilla-rich creaminess. Palate: Ripe, full and elegant when enjoyed straight. Smooth textured and coating, yet clean: rich, oily and cooling. Lively on the tongue. Starts mildly sweet amid a subtle fusion of treacle toffee, fudge and malted biscuits; initially creamy with clean vanilla notes, then drying, and bittersweet, with dried fruits (dates) and caramelised orange peel (thick cut chunky marmalade). Water brings up its softer side, with noticeable orange peel.
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