Wild Tiger

Wild Tiger Spiced Rum 700ml


From the land of the Tiger – India, an exotic premium Rum, crafted so perfectly that you can relish it neat or however you like it. Wild Tiger is the brain child of Indian Drinks entrepreneur Gautom Menon. The drink is aged, blended and bottled in God’s own country, Kerala state in southern India and is India’s first Premium Rum mainly aimed at the American markets, Europe and Travel Retail. Wild Tiger is an exotic blend of both molasses and sugar cane juice which makes it very aromatic, flavoursome and truly RUMTASTIC! A distinctive aspect of the exquisite packaging is – just as no two Tigers share similar stripes, each hand made bottle has a unique stripe design of its own, making it a special edition, a perfect collectible or gifting item. The brand donates 10% profits towards the conservation of Tigers by way of Wild Tiger Foundation(WTF) which aims to save the tiger and its habitat in Southern India.

Alcohol: 38%

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