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The Singleton of Glendullan Classic Single Malt Scotch Whisky 1.0 Litre 40%

The Singleton of Glendullan Classic is a perfectly-balanced and harmonious single malt which captures the true character of the distillery. It is matured in carefully selected casks for just the right amount of time to ensure that the finely balanced layers of fresh and fruity flavours, including fresh green apples and pears, shine through. Tasting notes:Nose: Spicy nose-prickle at first. Once this clears, slow to start, then gently developing a rich, creamy-smooth nature suggesting natural oils. Scented sandalwood, and sweet fruit – hints of strawberry fudge or ice cream, of just-picked banana. The initial sweet base notes are of buttery shortbread, which develops into butterscotch or milky coffee. Later, rounded, sweet caramels and a soft cereal base are offset by scented top notes of rose water and a balancing tropical-fruit acidity. Taste: in brief… A zesty, intense, sweet and dry Singleton, underscoring the Glendullan hallmark fruitiness with a spicy intensity. in a sentence… The understated and graceful firm, sweet and rounded nose fails to prepare you for the reassuringly full flavour! Palate: Sweet and spicy to taste at full strength. Chewy yet vivacious: soft, coating and warming, with good intensity and fruity, sweet, deep notes of violets and bittersweet (Seville) orange peel joined by an appealing twist of ginger and drying, charred croissant.
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