Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort 1L


This is whiskey at its most laid back. Smooth. Satisfying. With that just-right balance of sweetness and spice. Southern Comfort Original is the one-of-a kind taste you'll keep coming back to. Fix your drink any way you like it. On the rocks, with soda, juice, whatever's handy. One delicious sip, and you feel like yourself.  A laidback blend of smooth whiskey, stone fruits and spices Aroma: sweet mix of whiskey and fruit Body: smooth caramels with a touch of spice Finish: slow and satisfying.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Medium amber-gold hue

Nose: Candied and dried peach, cinnamon, and star anise

Palate: The vanilla-bean flavor is pleasant and strong straight away on the palate. The whiskey component tastes young, as one might expect in a mass-produced, whiskey-based liqueur, but it adds a freshness to the flavor profile, which is made more interesting by zippy spice notes of star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, and black cracked pepper.

Finish: The peach and maraschino cherry hard candy finish is laced in spice, but it turns concentrated, almost like cold medicine. The alcohol, too, makes its presence known with a little bit of burn and numbing on the finish.

Alcohol: 35%

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