Chloé Atelier Des Fleurs Eau De Parfum 50ml


The Atelier des Fleurs Collection is a true reflection of Nature. These captivating compositions are filled with emotion, recreating the scents of living flowers with elegance and simplicity. Thanks to this unique olfactory approach, each perfume brings the genuine sensations of a flower, foliage, or wood according to Chloé. The fragrances can be combined into an infinity of tailor-made bouquets for any occasion. A symbol of strength and majesty, the oak tree is considered a sacred tree. To create this woody floral Chloé fragrance, perfumer Alexis Dadier found inspiration in his frequent walks in the forest: oak leaves and bay leaves are combined into a green accord, while rich and powerful notes of oak wood are enhanced by the richness of cedar and sandalwood. Chêne is a 100% natural-origin vegan perfume. Our oak extract is distilled from wood residues generated by cooperage. The wood comes from responsibly managed French forests. This Eau de Parfum is housed in the iconic pleated bottle of the collection. 15% of the glass from the bottle and 100% of the paper from the box are made from recycled materials.

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