Burberry Signatures Midnight Journey Eau De Parfum 100ml


Captivating and atmospheric, Midnight Journey by Burberry Signatures transports the wearer with swirling, heady aromas inspired by far-reaching travel and dream-like destinations, magical and enchanting winding streets, all richly scented with spice. In this enthralling, bold eau de parfum, black amber and aromatic black pepper meet fragrant thyme and myrrh, softened with a heart of rose and lavender and invigorated with ginger. Fine natural elements are extracted to create this enticing oriental floral scent, recalling the heady aromas of bustling spice markets. Midnight Journey eau de parfum is delivered in an exquisite glass perfume bottle complete with a knot in fine Italian leather and a lid that reflects the material of the buttons on the Burberry trench coat. Spray onto pulse points to increase the intensity of this rich Burberry scent, gently pressing into the skin to preserve the essence of the fragrance.

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