A World First Premium Experience in Auckland Airport

Aelia Duty Free have revolutionised click & collect online shopping by introducing the world’s first Duty Free Automated Collection Experience (ACE).

In a world where technology is becoming the defining factor in everyday convenience, the use of robotics in service delivery is cutting edge. Encased behind 18mm reinforced glass, the ACE robot identifies your click & collect purchase when an order ID barcode is scanned by the easy to use touch screen and delivers your Duty Free shopping to you in 30 seconds.

Here’s how it works, in 3 simple steps...

Purchase an order for collection at our Auckland Arrivals store from either the AeliaDutyFree.co.nz website or at our Auckland Departures store.

Check your confirmation email or till receipt for the order number and barcode. Keep the barcode handy with your carry-on luggage; either a copy of the email on your smartphone, a printed order confirmation or a till receipt will do.

Come meet ACE and follow the easy to use touch screen. Scan your barcode and ACE will retrieve your order for you. You can then take a photo and send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with the world’s first Duty Free click & collect robot!

Here’s all the geeky details...

Because robots are cool – here’s some of ACE’s cool details and technical drawings for all of us who love gadgets…

Total weight: ACE and its facility weighs in at a hefty 11,300kg. Heavy enough that the floor at Auckland Airport had to be reinforced for strength

Payload ability: ACE can handle loads of up to 200kg.

Reach: ACE can pick up items up to 2.6m high

Manufacturer: ACE is built by ABB and is an IRB6700-200 Articulated Robot

Wrist Torque: 981Nm

Number of axes: 6

Accuracy: Time between failures is calculated at 400,000 hours (45 years)

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